Tracey Alysson

Psychotherapy is the art of preparing one to step forward in the journey of being human.  It repairs distortions. It offers pieces that somehow got left out or misplaced along the way.  It teaches one to bear the beauty of connection, of relationship, and the magnificence of aloneness, of being the only living being in one’s life.  Psychotherapy is preparatory work for evolving further along the trajectory of one’s life.

While I am a licensed clinical psychologist in PA, NH, and MA, I see myself as a consultant to the enormous challenge of being human, which encompasses but is a wider lens than traditional psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, like spiritual and physical endeavors, is in the service of joy and enjoyment. Not only achievement, or coping, or survival, but joy and enjoyment.

Different people want different steps, different levels of what is available in their lives.  This is as it should be, and I strive to offer therapy that recognizes and meets the differing levels where people want to work.  There is no right way to be, and no limit to what is possible. There is just what you want and choose at this time.

Services Offered:

  • Psychotherapy, individual/adult, family/couples in PA.

  • Bodymind techniques such as EMDR and Thought Field Therapy

  • Short-term intensive consultation (extended sessions over a brief  period of time)