Tracey Alysson has worked as a clinical psychologist since 1980, with training in hypnosis, EMDR, and Thought Field Therapy.  In the early 1990’s, she was driven by an emerging awareness that working with people and the systems in which they grow and live needs to include knowledge and experience with the human body.  Among other ways of becoming more aware of and conversant with the body, she became a licensed bodyworker in 2000.  

In 1998, she met Marcus Daniels, RPP, GSI, and has worked with Marcus since, learning to bring both humanness and spirituality through the human heart.   Her passion is to explore what people do after they have come to terms with the learnings of therapy, that is, after learning what it is to be a human being, with its blessings, wounds, and challenges amidst the paradoxes of life.  Competence as a human being brings freedom.  What does one do with that freedom?  Tracey’s fundamental experience is that we are here to meet, love, and receive who we are, and so while serving others, the primary person she works with is herself and the vast levels of unconsciousness within herself waiting to be met.